Why WordPress? This is why we love it so much

At Bibble Studio we have created many websites and have experience using various content management systems. Every project is different and sometimes Drupal will be good for one site, and Joomla for another. But for the majority of sites, we tend to choose WordPress. But why WordPress? 

WordPress was initially seen as the perfect content management system for blogging purposes and blogging purposes only. However, it has clearly moved on since then with big names using WordPress such as Samsung, CNN, Forbes. Even just looking at Themeforest and the vast amount of themes on offer and the complexity of the themes, it just proves how far WordPress have come. 

So here goes.. these are the top reasons why Bibble Studio love WordPress so much:

1. WordPress has so many features

The list of features which WordPress has just seems to grow and grow. WordPress also boasts a massive choice of plugins. Most are free and they add more functionality to your site, they all take under 5 mins to install. WordPress and it’s plugins are also constantly being updated.

2. Anybody and I mean ANYbody can use it

Adding posts and images to your site is very simple, plus there are so many tutorials out there and a great WordPress community should you get stuck.

3. The theme selection is amazing

If you get bored of you’re websites look, no worries you can get a new theme and new look pretty quick. Furthermore there is a good selection of free ones to chose from. Even the premium themes aren’t too expensive for the functionality you get with them.

4. WordPress is easy to monetize

With various ecommerce plug ins and theme solutions you can easily set up a shop on your website, or if you’re an affiliate marketer there are plug ins to make it easy to manage your sales. 

 5. There is a great support community out there

There is a lot of WordPress’s own support resources out there, plus a huge community WordPress enthusiasts willing to offer useful advice based on their own experiences. Everyone is willing to help. You’ll find an abundance of third-party forums and other options for assistance. If you have any question at all, you can be pretty sure that somebody has already answered it somewhere.

6. Its SEO-friendly 

WordPress automatically generates search-friendly URLS.  You can easily download some additional free plugins, such as Google XML Site Map, All-in-One SEO pack, SEO By Yoast and others which give your site the best chance rank better in Google.  As well as that you get numerous social network plugins,  making it easier then ever for people to like, share and tweet about your website.

So here are our top reasons. Obviously WordPress isn’t suited for every project and we know that. When we are given a new brief we take time in considering the best CMS (Content management system) for the project to ensure we can provide a top quality service. Something to bear in mind about WordPress is that it’s still the greatest blogging platform. That’s how it began. So if you’re just after a blog, WordPress is an obvious choice for any new blog. 

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