Why email marketing is important for your business

More people have email addresses than they do social media accounts meaning email marketing is important when configuring your marketing strategy. When people are visiting your website you should be asking the visitors to give you their email address. However don’t expect people to just give it to you- they don’t want more “junk” emails . You have to offer them something in return. Treat it your online bank account of potential customers- give them something they want so you can get something you want.

Offer free content

The most effective way to capture email leads is through landing pages. For optimum conversion, your landing pages should have a singular focus.

Offer your viewers free ebooks, videos, tutorials etc.. anything to do with your website which they would find useful. 

If it’s a blog you own then invite subscriptions

If you own an amazing blog with fantastic content then people are bound to want to know when the next blog post is coming out or what was hot that week.

Create interesting emails

What will it be that make users decide to open your email amongst their others?
The big secret: invoke your reader’s curiosity and compel them to take action. (Easier said then done)
By giving your readers a taste of the goods, you will compel them to want to know more, in this situation.. less is more. Create some suspense in your newsletters with links to different posts in your sites.

Focus on one or 2 things per email

Studies have shown too much choice leaves little results, people are more likely to click on your email links if there is less choice.

Be clear
Give some crystal clean call to actions.. what do you want them to do? Click here to read this article? Well keep it as Click Here To Read More as opposed to some fancy copywriting stuff which is unclear to the audience.

Why hello Sarah

If your email is address to the named email recipient it makes it more personal and increased the engagement rate.

Designing your email

You can use free services such as Mail Chimp to start your campaign- this service keeps your contacts and guides you through designing the newsletter and and adding the links yourself. However, if you want to keep your brand looking professional and consistent then its worth talking to us about how we could help. 

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