Website Rebuild, & SEO & For National Medical Supplies Business


Online national medical equipment brand needed a new website. Their old one was out of date and not mobile-responsive. Their website already ranked high on Google from previous SEO investment and they wanted to make sure it stayed that way.  


I rebuilt their website for them and made sure that it launched with all the correct stuff in terms of onsite SEO optimisation in place.

Next we worked together to get content more up to date with the key focus on their product pages so they would rank higher up for product searches.

They already had a really healthy domain and lots of backlinks.

Once the site went live, the main issue that was remaining was that there was not enough relevant up-to-date content.

So we continually tweaked the content across the whole site, closely monitoring the content of their competitor’s product pages to ensure theirs was better and more useful to the user so that Google would rank it higher.

For more information and screenshots, please email me below.


Over the course of a year, they saw their unique users from Google increase by 44.5%, indicating a larger number of people discovering their website.

Page views witnessed a remarkable surge of 375%, indicating increased engagement as users viewed more pages.

The bounce rate was reduced by an impressive 98.77%, demonstrating that visitors were staying on the website for a longer duration.

These metrics collectively highlight the success of the new website build.

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