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About Cryptowriting.io

The team Cryptowriting strive to give our clients the best possible chance to succeed, with unique, high-quality, industry-specific written content. Whether you need to attract investors, form a meaningful partnership, or grow a clear brand name, our team knows how to tailor your news to be heard loud and clear by your unique target audience. 


One of the biggest challenges faced by emerging blockchain projects is how to translate the significance & potential of their technical solutions to a wider audience in simple yet impactful way. Our team of experienced writers understand the intricacies of the blockchain industry and know what it takes to transform your unique content into engaging SEO-friendly format that will push your business to the next level.

Are We Experienced?

Cryptowriting is comprised of a small but highly dedicated team of writers with over 20 years of combined blockchain PR & marketing industry experience.  

Over the past several years we have worked closely with industry leaders such as
Ark.io, Morpheus Network, Parsiq, Wanchain, UTRUST, Mercor Finance, and “Best DeFi project of the year 2021” winner, Acta Finance.

Our Bragging Rights

Over the past several years our team have worked with hundreds of clients, helping them to achieve their funding, partnership and brand targets. In that time our writing has helped:


  • Spanish Fintech company Bit2me raise over $10 Million through a 3-stage ICO. [2022] 
  • Medical Trials Solution ClinTex sell out it’s 8 Million USD IEO in 6 hours [2021]
  • HyperDAO raise $2 million USD from token sale event on jumpstart [2020] 
  • dCloud platform SINOVATE secure significant media & community attention, securing over 1500 network nodes in just over one week.[2019] 
  • Payment protection platform UTRUST to reach its $21 million USD ICO target.[2017]


We have also helped hundreds of emerging projects in reaching countless company targets through publishing their news published on the biggest news media sites like Cointelegraph, Forbes, Bitcoin.com, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, AP News, and many more. 

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Our done-for-you content service can include keyword and competition research, as well as a full content plan. 



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Collections auctioned by Tenset company on the Marketplace are sold in 10set token, with all proceeds being burned. This includes Tenset NFTs such as TGLP, or other partnered collections that have been donated to Tenset.



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Let's Talk About The Elephant In The Room

A study during the 1981-82 recession found that companies who marketed aggressively throughout the recession had 256% higher sales than those who did not. Although the ‘80s recession was 40 years ago, the basic economic principles underlying the study haven’t changed. 

The crypto market is a volatile one with lots of ups and downs. For this reason we understand that you might have, or plan to, reevaluate your marketing budget in order to cut the deadwood and get the best possible return on investment for your budget.

According to BNB, cryptocurreny adoption increases through bear markets, with thousands of merchants currently in the process implementing crypto payments in late 2022 to early 2023. Blockchain businesses that execute a steady annual marketing strategy stand a greater chance at success over competitors that adopt a all or nothing approach, as they keep their communities engaged with high quality content all year round.

What Do You Get With Cryptowriting.io?

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To facilitate rapid growth in our portfolio, Tenset has created an Incubator where we will provide initial support and make long term investments in projects with potential that are not featuring in the Gem Launch Platform.