Social Listening: How To Create Feedback Loops Between Your Company And Your Fans

If your business is into social media, then failing in it can be your worst nightmare.

When a customer complains about your business on social media, always make a way to respond to it. Social listening, as well as, Social Customer Service is very important. Here is where the feedback loop comes in.

What is a feedback loop?

The feedback loop is one important step to avoid disaster in customer service. It helps your business respond to customer complaints on social media. It would be best to set up feedback loops in your social media business.

Here are the steps to feedback loop:

A customer complains on social media. This may be directly or indirectly involves anything about your business and is posted on social media. However, not all customers want a solution to their complaint. This is what we refer to as a “troll”. These customers don’t want a solution, they want a fight. If ever you encounter one, remove and move on. But when you finally find a genuine customer service concern, respond to them ASAP.

Listen to the concern and respond in a timely manner. Your community manager is someone in your business who listens to the complaint/concern of the customer and respond to it as quickly as possible. Not all complaints/concerns can be resolved immediately, but letting the customer know that you received their message is enough to make them feel that they are important and appreciated.

Your social media manager shall identify the type of feedback loop and forwards it to the appropriate people within the business. You should be able to identify who are the POC’s (Point of Contact) equipped to resolve the complaints/concerns.


Types of feedback loops:

The Customer Service Loop

This is the most common and essential. A customer raises a customer service issue and is routed to the appropriate people.

The Content Loop

There is complaint about a problem or gap in the content of your business. Alert your content team to fix the issue.

The Technical Loop

Technical issues in your business like an unresponsive website, links that are broken, and more. Address these issues immediately and send to the appropriate people and get it fixed ASAP.

Your community manager or the appropriate POC (Point of Contact) responds on the complaint/concern.  It is very important to have a consistent response procedure in your business to avoid confusion to the customer. It would be best to respond to the customer within the 24 hours, less would be better.

Social Listening Tools and the Power of Loops

There are a lot of social listening tools on the market that can be a big help to your business. These tools will help your community manager identify people who have complaints on about your business.

Social listening is a key instrument in order to achieve social media success. If your listen to the social web and responsible immediately and properly, your business will benefit well.

If your business fails to respond or deletes complaints too often on social media, you may end up getting a bad reputation and your social media presence will decrease. Setting up a feedback loop can benefit your business because it will help make sure that your customers are happy and turn complaints into praise once resolved.


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