How A Site Started To Sell To Consumers, After Only Selling To B2B Customers

How A Site Started To Sell To Consumers, After Only Selling To B2B Customers

After years of selling on B2B, our client decided she wanted to start selling direct to the consumer, causing her to need an entirely new website designed to work to sell to customers, as well as work for trade profiles with a membership section dedicated to them.

We spoke about the different requirements she needed, including accepting payments through her website, having a 3-tiered user profile system, allowing her three main customer profiles to be able to order at different pricing, and enable a CRM system to sync directly with the site and new members, so she can stay in touch and send vital reminders to the customers. She also wanted to have her website connected to her accounting system, so she wouldn’t have to waste any of her valuable time collecting sales orders from her accountant.

With her trade profiles, we enabled them to be able to see key features, such as higher minimum orders, downloadable marketing materials, different postage and packaging orders, as well as setting them up to be sent reminders via email for vital re-purchasing, helping her cashflow.

The result?

The website now works to enable consumers and trade clients to easily buy, re-purchase and login to gain access to special rates and order profiles. She has also saved a lot of time, by setting up a customised CRM system, which is open source (meaning no monthly fees!), tailored to her needs, sending different marketing campaigns triggered dependent on users, tailoring the emails to them, helping them re-buy and stay a crucial client for her business.

The website is also fully optimised for use on mobiles, and Google rankings, so new customers can find and purchase from her easily and quickly. She has not only saved time and money, but is now able to make more income thanks to the automated back-end.

If you are a business looking to set up a system which works while you sleep, and a website which can enable multiple users and customers to easily buy and repurchase your products, do get in touch for a consultation, to see how we can help.

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