Selling The Salon Experience – The Right Way

The goal in a beauty business is to sell an “experience”.

The moment a client enters a salon is where the salon experience begins. The goal is to let every client feel that they are important from the moment they walk inside the salon, and finally when they leave, they feel beautiful. The feeling of the client when they leave is the same reason why they come back for more. You have to keep the salon experience fresh and fun.

If you are in the beauty industry, your goal is to make a client satisfied every single time. The key to keeping your clients satisfied is to let them enjoy some extra touches you provide. Offer them something they will not find anywhere else.

As beauty professionals, being hospitable to your clients is a priority. Your attitude towards your client will have a great impact on the experience you are trying to sell. That first greeting is an important element in the process. Simple gestures like eye contact, shaking their hands, introducing yourself and of course, smiling. You know what they say…

When you smile, you never know how much difference you could be making to their life at that very moment.

The design of the interior of your salon leave an impression of what the client should expect. The look of your business defines you, choose decor and products that can express your brand in a special way which is unique to you. If your salon looks cheap then don’t be surprised if people don’t want to pay the prices you charge.

Put yourself into your client’s shoes. Focus on the experience you offer to your clients. Then the referrals just keep on coming on your doorstep. If your main audience is women, then as you well know women like to talk and gossip. I remember a salon experience where they gave me a proper cappuccino and a nice Italian biscuit. I always remember it because I enjoyed the coffee and the biscuit. I’d never experience that before from another salon before.

You can always turn first time clients into your loyal customers. Right from the start, build trust. Discuss and determine their style needs and maintenance. Let them feel you are committed and focused on helping them on their needs. It is very important that at the beginning, you have to focus on earning their trust.

Always focus on your client. Make them your priority. The little things you do for them creates big impact. It’s not always about looking for more new clients, it’s looking after what you already have. It’s taking care of your business and your clients. In the beauty industry, the key to success is making your clients look and feel beautiful. Once you’ve made them feel that way, you’re trusted and you’re successful.


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