5 New Locations, 300 Extra Website Hits A Day: Holiday Club Web Design & Optimisation

(Case Study)
Goal: Increase website traffic and website conversions in time for rapid expansion plans.

We did this by: Performing a website audit to identify the problem areas of their website.
Casa Clubs wanted to improve their online branding and establish themselves as a key player in the local area. They wanted to be appearing higher in the search results, initially, they were very hard to find and weren’t generating many enquiries from their website. Their old website wasn’t optimised for mobile devices.


Opened in 5 new locations with 2-3 clubs in each location over 18 months

After a 1 year period, they achieved top positions in the search engines for several prime, chosen keywords in multiple locations. This has enabled them to see on average between 100-300 website hits per day on their website and receive an increase in phone calls. The new branding helps to set them apart from their competition and increases their credibility, thus their revenue.

The new goal for continual website improvement is working to improve the user experience, and reducing the time spent on the phone answering the same question more than once.

Homepage Before

Homepage After