Learn How A Property Maintenance Business Increased Its Monthly Face-To-Face Appointments

Learn How A Property Maintenance Business Increased Its Monthly Face-To-Face Appointments By Using LinkedIn

A property maintenance company covering London, Oxfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey wanted to generate more face to face appointments for their business. They specifically wanted to target Facilities Managers in London. Together, we decided that LinkedIn was the best social media channel to focus on, due to trying to reach a hard to target job role.

The property maintenance company  didn’t participate in any online marketing activity and relied on word of mouth marketing which can be a slow, but a steady burner. They were keen to really boost their business and were open to the idea of trying new marketing strategies.

The Solution: Bibble Studio rewrote and optimised the director’s LinkedIn profile so that it would get found more easily and be clear who they were and how they could help facilities managers maintain the properties they looked after.

We also automated their LinkedIn profile so that it would view 1000’s of London-based Facilities Managers on autopilot every day. This meant that their profile views increased by 500%. All of their target audience were looking at their profile daily.

We also set it to connect with 100’s of Facilities managers a month. The final stage was to send an automated message which used the contact’s name and company details to ensure every message looked personal. After trailing different messaging variations we have found the one which resonated with his target audience and managed to repeatedly get an 80% response rate and regular monthly business appointments with a long list of future opportunities.

Because we were able to automate their profile in a sales efficient manner, it meant that they didn’t have to pay someone’s wage of having to manually do everything, keeping the cost per lead at a minimum.

If you’d like to find out more about our Automated Marketing Service, or have a chat about using social media to gain relevant leads for your business, the please do get in touch, we’d be happy to organise a quick chat to see if we can help.

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