Learn how to use chat-bots to grow your salon or spa

Learn how to use chat-bots to grow your salon or spa

Setting appointments and attracting new clients is what ensures consistent growth for any spa or salon business.

One of the best ways to save time and money is by automating the appointment-setting process and automating the client-attraction process. This can save up to 80% of the time you spend on marketing, leaving you with more time to assist your customers, or to enjoy with friends and family.  

Here’s how to secure more appointments and automate the appointment-setting process as a salon or beauty service provider.

The appointment-setting bot that is linked to the beauty business Facebook page (you can see an example here of one that is on my own page) is also directly linked to Facebook messenger. This was something I initially created for a salon Facebook campaign. The salon wanted to generate more appointments. At the time, they didn’t have any follow-up process in place and found that they were too busy to phone every lead they would get. So by automating some of the process, it helped save them time. They were then able to follow up with the people who had booked in from the campaign.

This template has been modified dozens of times to suit various businesses in the beauty and wellness industry. The bot can also act as a way to reduce costs and ease the burden for staff. Some of my clients required the bot to direct the customer to the different services they offered, answering frequently asked questions about location, hours, and pricing. They also wanted the bot to take initial booking deposits, to decrease the amount of no-shows in their beauty business. All of this can be done automatically through the Facebook page and can be linked to their website. 

You can link the bot to your current appointment-setting software so that you don’t double book, you can push client’s details automatically into any existing email marketing or SMS-reminder software, or set all the reminders up within Facebook itself to decrease the amount of no-shows in your beauty business.

The bot also allows customers to submit questions, which you can answer later when you’re available. The bot even helps you with marketing by inviting customers to leave reviews about their experience after their appointment has passed, thereby strengthening your brand. 

One of the most powerful reasons to consider a bot is simply to stay in touch with your leads and customer members. Messenger-bot marketing has a much higher open rate than email marketing. If you can create engaging messages that are conversational rather than promotional —as remember, Facebook is about building relationships and trust— then it’s a great way to increase long-term sales.

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