Increase Your Website Visitors By 40% Just By Doing A Few Simple Tweaks

Increase Your Website Visitors By 40% Just By Doing A Few Simple Tweaks


Time is a precious commodity. So precious that if your website loads 1 second too fast, it can seriously impact the amount of users who stay on your website. Nobody likes to spend time on is a slow website, a report has even gone as far to say that consumers abandon websites if they take too long to load, with 40 percent abandoning a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. So if your competitor offers a faster website experience your website users aren’t going to spend the time on yours.

So have you ever considered how many customers you might be losing on a daily basis because of your website speed?

I would recommend that you check the speed of your website from one of the following free speed checking services:


Ideally you want them to not be showing red. Orange is OK and green would be awesome.

Speed Is A Google Ranking Factor

Google itself has come out this year stating that Google favours faster sites. Speed matters when it comes to local search.

With the great advantages of having a speedy website it’s certainly something you should ensure you pay close attention to for optimal website success.

Website speed really matters. So, if you have a website, you need to put proper care and attention more on its speed as you could increase your website visitors by 40%, give them a great user experience and appear higher on Google.

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