Increase your Google Page Rank

What is your Google Page Rank?

This is the scale of importance which Google has ranked you aside with other websites. It is calculated with a variety of factors in mind. Every website has the same goal- Be number 1 on Google. Thanks to a new algorithm released earlier this year you can no longer rank high on Google using spammy links but rather on the quality of content your site holds and the quality of sites which link back to yours.

Services which can increase your Google Page Rank would be;

Guest Blogging on other sites within your industry

Quality Blogging on your own sites – Offer your readers relevant information which makes them want to share with others and drive more traffic to your website.

Quality inbound and outbound links throughout your website – An outbound link is a link that points at an external domain. Like this. And an inbound link points to another link on your domain. Like this.

Quality page titles – This is the title that you assign your page or blog post. If you’re not sure how to do this, then this is something you should consider hiring a professional for because it can make a huge difference to the amount of traffic you receive. Whenever I do SEO reviews for clients one of the problems which frequently arrises is page titles not being written properly or not being written at all. If you’d like a free SEO audit then get in touch.

Quality chosen keywords and implemented across your site- This is another frequent problem I come across when doing free SEO audits. Usually people haven’t done any keyword research or not implementing them throughout their site properly.


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