How to turn customers into repeat customers 

How to turn customers into repeat customers 

Are the majority of your clients one-offs, or returning customers? Would you like to find out the most effective ways in which you can transform those one-off clients into returning guests?

What I’ve found works best for my clients is to implement an automated follow-up system. This can be via email, SMS, Facebook messenger-bot or direct mail. As well as prompting them to book another appointment, it’s designed to add value. It’s most effective when you can relate it to the service or treatment they just had. However, you can begin by sending more ‘general’ automated follow-ups that promote a range of your treatments or services and further educate your customers on how else you could help them.

When I have helped businesses create automated follow-up systems, they have seen immediate results in the increase of their sales. And the best thing about it?

With the right system, you only need to set it up once and then it repeats itself over and over.

So how would a system like this look?

Example Email Follow-Up system

The customer comes in for a treatment and leaves.

1) 1 day later – Send a helpful email with important advice regarding the treatment or service they just had with you or general beauty tips to get the best from seeing you. 

2) 1 day later- Send an informative email with useful advice regarding the service they received from you and/or tips that they can use to maximise their experience with you again and get the most out of each treatment.  

You can also ask them to like and follow you on social media if they don’t already, and to leave a review, providing links to your social media pages.

3) 1 week later – Send an email to check in with the customer and offer them a discount on another service/treatment you offer, if they book it within 7 days. This is a great opportunity to promote the less popular treatments that you’d like to increase sales on, or a high-value treatment, as the customer already trusts you.  (IS this yours, or taken from another blog??) 

4) 2 weeks later – Invite them to join your VIP loyalty program, and create an incentive to encourage them to join on the day they receive the email. Can they get another discount for signing up that day? Can you give them a free treatment when they spend a certain amount with you which is valid for that day only?

To summarize, you can guarantee that new customers will become repeat customers with an efficient follow-up system. As a beauty business owner, your primary concern is the quality of the service you provide to your clients. Effective marketing will increase the sales of these services. With my expertise, you can attain a bullet-proof marketing system that’s sure to increase business.

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