How to: Salon marketing to new customers – Part One, getting to know your brand

Your salon is an excellent place, you know that, your current and loyal customers know that, but how can you share that with new potential clients? Salon marketing can be a tough world – you have quite a few big and local competitors, so you need to be able to entice those clients that may be attracted to your competition. There are a few ways I find work best for our clients, mainly on the side of their website.

But first, you need to look into your “why”. Here’s an excellent video on the subject:

But, in short, as I know you don’t have time on your side at this time of year, it covers the thought process of your “why”. Why did you start your beauty or hair salon business? Why do people love your salon and your team? Why is such a key question to so many parts of your business, and when you know how to answer some of these whys, you’ll be able to convey this message to potential customers, who will fall in love with your brand, salon and you.

So, how can you share your why with people who visit your website?

Firstly, the wording on your site needs to share your message and your personality. Perhaps you exude luxury, so the colours, design and wording need to feel special and luxurious. Maybe you are all about fun and excitement, so this will be a completely different design and message. Think about how you want people to feel as soon as they have found your website, your marketing material and visit your salon. Ensure your team understand your branding and why you decided to create such a fantastic salon for customers to visit and feel special in.

Now onto your branding – how can you brand your business and make it stand out?

When marketing your hair or beauty salon, whether online, in social media, on your website, through flyers and in networking with your business cards, they all need to sing from the same hymn sheet. Does your logo and colour scheme share a similar message to the one you want your clients to feel? Perhaps your strapline needs a little tweaking? Take a closer look into the experience people will have when they see your marketing and ask yourself – do they get it? Will they be enticed to book with you, and why?
Then ask yourself what makes you stand out from your competition, and then share it! Perhaps your local team of expert beauticians are all qualified, maybe you have exclusive products or services that other local beauty salons don’t have. You need to shout about what helps you to stand out from the crowd, and find your niche market of people who will want to use these products and services you provide.

I hope this isn’t too much of a project for you this week, have fun, and ask any questions in the comments section! Next week we’ll be looking into part two – a deeper look into your website usability.

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