How to grow your Beauty Business with Email Marketing

How to grow your Beauty Business with Email Marketing

Watch your Beauty Business Flourish with Email Marketing

Calling all Beauty Business owners! I want to share a not-so-little secret with you—the importance of email marketing. This powerful tool can be used to build steadfast relationships with customers and create brand loyalty. In such a competitive industry, it is imperative that you attract new clients, but also that you retain the existing ones. 

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to continually offer your clients your valued products and services, and give them incentives to stick with your brand over others. 

Here are my tips on how to use this tool to maximum effect: 

Step One: Build a Mailing List

You can do this easily, by collecting the email addresses of every customer that comes into your salon. This can be done when their profile is set up on the computer system. 

You could also give visitors to your website the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter. You will attract more viewers to sign up if you can offer an incentive such as a discount on their first purchase, or the chance to win a prize in a competition. 

It is incredibly important to grow your contact list, if you are to grow your business! 

Step Two: Engage your Contacts & Increase Loyalty

Nurture your contact list! You can spark interest with special offers and promotions, whilst also keeping them updated with any news about the salon. Most importantly, you want to help your clients as best you can, by offering them your services at good value. 

It is crucial that you keep growing this list by periodically giving your clients reasons to subscribe, such as special offers for subscribers only.  

Step Three: Create an Irresistible Offer ££

Once you’ve got that contact list built up, you can start making sales by offering limited-time special deals.  With a simple call-to-action button added to the email, your contacts will be encouraged to make purchases there and then, with ease. 

These emails could be used to promote new services or retail products, offer package deals e.g. holiday packages, offer add-ons to services (these can be at a low cost to you, but highly valuable to customers and therefore at a higher price point), and much more! You could even simply create offers around stock you want to move.

Don’t forget to remind your contacts as the deadline for these promotions approaches! 

Step Four: Make sure your Email gets seen!

The first thing your contacts will see is the subject line of the email. This will determine whether they open it or not, so make sure you include compelling writing, displaying exactly how your product/service will benefit them. 

You can then re-deliver these offers by re-formatting them as reminders to book in the lead- up to a certain holiday or the last day of the promotion so that they don’t miss out. This will keep you in the forefront of your contacts’ minds. The goal is to get as many people to open your emails as possible. 

Email marketing is the most effective way of keeping in contact with your clients, as every person has an inbox that they check every day! 

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