How to get your salon website to entice more customers to you

Is your salon website scaring away customers?

As a beauty salon or hair salon owner, your business is all about the look. So when it comes to your website, the way you portray yourself and your business online will directly impact the amount of customers coming through your door. So how can you make sure your website is enticing people to book with you, and not your local competitor?
There are a few simple ways to make sure your website entices your ideal customer who will to stay, book with you and ultimately stay with you for life, here are a few of my favourites:

Make sure you reflect your own brand

If you offer a luxurious service, for example, then you’ll want to make sure people get that impression as soon as they visit your website to check you out. Using the right colours, and images is a great first impression for website visitors. You also want to ensure that the font you chose isn’t a generic ‘Microsoft Word Times New Roman’ style font if you’re looking to come across as professional and sophisticated. By nature our brains make a judgement within 15 seconds, the better impression you can give, the more likely your website visitor will stay on your site, rather than drifting back to Google search.

If you want to promote specific therapies, services or promotions, these need to be right in the forefront of your website, making it obvious to your potential clientele that these are the services they should book with you.

Make it easy to get in touch and book with you!

Too often have salon’s websites been a nightmare to navigate for the customer. So much so, that they then head off to another website and book with someone else. By not having a mobile friendly website (a website which automatically resizes to fit the screen of the device your customer is using) you’re making it hard for mobile users to navigate round your website and get in contact with you when on their phone or tablet. Mobiles and tablets are here to stay and the amount of people using them to view websites online is on the rise (currently 25%).
There are loads of ways to help create a website for your beauty salon that will get people booking. I personally like having a telephone number prominent on every page, so I can call them and book, without having to search for it. Now we live in an online world, there are many more customers who just want to be able to book a time that suits them, with a service they want, right there and then, on the beauty salon’s website. So, having a booking service on your website can be another great way to keep people from leaving your website and heading to the competition! The only issue here is that you must ensure your calendars sync easily, there are great tools for this, which I’d be happy to go over with you.

The difference between a salon’s website and any old website is that you have people coming to you who want to feel good. Whether it’s for a spray tan, a massage, a manicure or a haircut, they want to feel good and book in quickly. Your website can be the perfect offering to making sure your visitors to your website, become visitors to your salon, and then returning customers!

If you are looking to make your website work more for you, I’d love to invite you to download my free guide: How to Get More Customers for your health & beauty website, just click here.


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