How to get more revenue from your website

How to get more revenue from your website

Before embarking on any marketing campaign, you always have to ask yourself:

What does success in 12 months look like to you?

When defining what success looks like to you in 12 months, you should consider not only the revenue goals you want to achieve but also the people you want to serve and the impact you will have on their lives.

Once you have a clear idea of who it is you really want to serve and how it will truly impact their life, you will be able to work backwards to create the perfect way to help them.

Always ask yourself: What is your ideal customers perfect outcome? What will motivate them to choose you rather than your competitor?

Setting the foundations

You may decide that your website no longer reflects your ideal customer and your current business model. This may include a need for a design makeover and word refresh. Your website reflects you and your business. Typically people go and look companies up and get a feel for whether they want to work with them or not. If your website doesn’t speak to your audience, then they will lose interest, and you will lose credibility.

Driving targeted traffic

A website with no eyeballs is like a flyer that ends up in the bin. Look for where your audience is online and be there adding value in whatever way you can. This will drive targeted traffic to your website.

The majority of people will start with a Google search. If you’re a local business, it’s easier to get your website appearing high in the search results for the specific services you offer. 

If you’re covering a larger area or selling higher ticket services, then this will require time and patience to appear higher up. Your approach might be to increase your appearance for more problem-solution based search terms.

Most businesses have an active audience on some social media channels. I have found paid advertising the most effective way to reach the right people quickly due to the available audience-specific targeting features. For a successful paid advertising campaign on social media, you need to understand where the audience is most active, how they use the platform, and their buying motives to ensure a successful campaign that resonates and drives revenue.

Optimising for success

Like everything in life, marketing and businesses are ever-evolving. Nothing is ever ‘finished’. Reviewing your results and optimising your processes to ensure you’re moving with the latest trends and continually focussing on how you can best serve your audience.

We’re in a strange, but an exciting era of rapid change and transformation; buying motives have changed for many and will continue to change. With more people than ever being forced to embrace technology, if you don’t keep up, you will get left behind.

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