How to get more customers for my health and beauty business – target your promotions

People have a limited attention span, and this means you need to grab their attention quickly, and entice them to read more or book a session with you, within a limited amount of time. Ensuring that your promotions are highly targeted, will not only help you gain more customers, it will help you have a customer base of people you love working with.
Let’s take a personal trainer, for example, that wants to boost attendance at their boot camp which runs on a Saturday morning. Currently, the returning attendees tend to be women, who are in professional jobs, and have 1-3 children, they get the chance to get to boot camp early in the morning while the kids wake up to their morning cartoons. This means, the person who runs the boot camp, can create campaigns and marketing to attract more of these customers. Take a look at what they want to achieve from the boot camp – perhaps it’s for people who want to work out early in the morning, or perhaps they want to smash fat in a high intensity, yet fun workout?
Asking your customers what and why they chose your business for their custom, is a great way to help improve your targeting. Find out why they return to your business, and ask them the top 3 factors – you can then use these in your promotions. For example, a person may return to your beauty salon because the people are caring, they get treatments that feel luxurious and you offer a fantastic service. Ensure to use these 3 key factors on your website. You can also ask them for their favourite treatments, or if they would like to see more of a specific offering in your salon. This will help you to attract more customers like them.
As a business that works in the health and beauty industry, your marketing is key to gaining new and returning customers, so you need to tailor your messages to resonate with your perfect clients. Take a few hours later today to really hone-in on who you really want to have coming to you.
You can create 3 profiles, which are 3 different people you would want to come along to your business, here’s what you’d need to include to create a profile:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Profession / industry they work in
  • Personality
  • What do they like and dislike?

What is their purchasing process – would they use Google search to find you, or do they use word of mouth, perhaps social media?

Once you have these written down, it will be a lot more simple for your marketing efforts, and for your SEO, to create a website that will attract the right people to you. You don’t need to be bogged down by the profiles, but they will really help you to understand how to target your promotions and create new services around their needs.
If you need a helping hand with more ways to market your health and beauty business, I’ve created a handy guide which is free to download here. It has 27 promotional tips to help you get more customers.


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