How Salons Can Use Online Marketing to increase their client base

Owning your own salon must be a truly rewarding experience. An industry where you’re making customers feel good about themselves on a daily basis- get that right and you’ll get repeat customers. However like any business, you have other local competition and you need to keep attracting new clients if you want your business to grow and expand. Gone are the days where people go to their Yellow Pages book and flick through it. 80% of people are turning to Google as their first point of search for a service. I have a client who recently told me that after redoing her salon website and salon SEO, on average she gets 3 new phone calls daily and is completely fully booked, a year on from doing her website. She no longer does special offers, because she doesn’t want to offer treatments at a low cost.

Ensure your website is optimised for local search from Google

You may have heard your web designer or someone else mention the term SEO or search engine optimisation. However you may not fully understand what it is or how it can impact the success of your salon. If you’re unsure, then you should read this post here.

Encourage your customers to write reviews about you online

Online review sites such as Google, Trip Advisor, Yell and Facebook (on the Facebook business page) have become a key part of any online marketing plan for salons. People often use these sites to compare local salons. Online reviews have become the online word of mouth, so by offering your loyal customers a small discount or free gift for writing a review about their experience will attract more new customers. If there is anything particularly unique about your salon, ask them to point it out in the reviews, whether it’s a special payment plan or after-hours treatments, these things could encourage customers who have consistent problems with other salons not catering for their needs. It will also help with your SEO if they use Google reviews.

You may well receive a negative review at some point, however don’t panic about it! It happens to most businesses! The best way to deal with it is to read through the comments, take the criticism on board, rectify the problems and respond to the complaints if you can. By responding in a polite and apologetic manner shows others that you’re considerate and serious about the happiness of your customers, and encourage potential customers to give you a try.

Get a social media presence

When thinking about your average customers, ask yourself where do they hang out online? Social media is all the rage now. The majority of people have a social media account and are active on there. Whether you decide to just have a simple Facebook page or a presence on every network going, you can use social media to communicate directly with both current and potential customers.

Here are a few ideas to help gain followers and increase engagement on your accounts:

Ask questions on Facebook, such as: What is your favourite beauty/hair treatment?
On Twitter, tweet out links to pages on your site that explain unexpected benefits of your treatments. E.g The reduction in stress through the use of regular massage. Ask people to retweet it for you too.
Pin photos of exotic locales that offer massage therapy on Pinterest
Join in or start discussions on Facebook & LinkedIn groups. It could be something like : What is your favourite thing to do to destress?
Post photos of after hours group bookings in your salon on Instagram
Put a video on YouTube with quick tips on getting the perfect shiny hair this summer

The key to successful posting on social media is portraying your business’s personality and convey the passion you have for hair cuts, massage therapy, nail design etc. This will help bring in new customers who appreciate your dedication.

Social media is also a great way to let your customers know what special offers you have and drive them to sign up for them on your website and grow your email list. Learn why building your email list is so important here.

If you’re looking for more ways to grow your salon business, be sure to download my free guide.




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