How can spa marketing get me new and potential customers?

Running a spa is a fantastic business to be in; you help your customers feel relaxed, pampered and de-stressed. However, on the side of the business owner, you can feel a little stressed in how to get more clients to visit your spa.

This is where spa marketing comes in handy, but where do you start?

I thought I’d put together some handy hints and tips on how to get started on marketing your spa, with the experience I have had helping my clients get more customers through their doors, with web design and SEO.

Make sure people can find you!

Local SEO is a growing part of search, and I cover what this is in a previous blog, which you can find here. In it, I suggest creating a Google Business location so that when people search in your area for spa services (and the other categories you will select), they can find your business, and easily call, visit your website or know your location. I also share how important it is that you have keywords in your website that share the local areas around you, so that if people are searching for a spa near them, you will pop up in the search.

Check your branding and personality.

You want to attract the right people to your website, so if you are a spa that offers the highest end of treatments, you do not want to be found by customers who want a cheap and quick experience. This not only means the right keywords, it also means the right branding is required. Your website needs to reflect what you offer. Take a look at how the website is laid out, the colours you have on it, and the images you have used – do they convey the right message for the prices, treatments and services you offer?

Use the power of social media.

More and more people are using social media to engage with potential businesses. You should make sure that your Facebook page and Twitter profiles (and any others, like Instagram) are added to your website, so people who visit your website can easily follow you. Then they will be able to see when you offer new products, treatments and special offers – enticing them to come and visit you!

Share the services and treatments in your website!

So many spas don’t make the most of their website, and make it hard for a potential customer to find the treatment they really want to book. Take a look at your competition, places like Bannatyne’s health spas etc, and see what they do to entice the customer to buy / book a treatment with them, how can you replicate these in your own way?

Web design and SEO are the areas I love to help with most. So if you are noticing your website isn’t getting found through local search I’d love to help. Ask any questions below in the comments, or give me a call, I’d be happy to give any advice or help you with your website and SEO to make sure your spa gets found!
PS I have an excellent FREE guide that has 27 promotional tips for your health and beauty business, you can download it here.


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