How can I make my hair salon website get more customers through the door?

This is a question I get regularly from my clients; websites they use often aren’t converting visitors into customers through the door.

As you probably already know, you have some competition out there. The big name brands use their websites to not only entice new clients, but to bring back old ones, as well as help them locate and book an appointment. So how can you make sure clients come to you, instead of these bigger businesses?

It can mainly start with your website (then also your SEO, which I’ll be covering in a future post, so subscribe to make sure you get that one!), it needs to be a place that helps to keep visitors on your website, then ultimately book an appointment. That’s what you truly want, right? Customers coming through your hair salon’s doors and getting the experience you provide for clients.

So, where do you start?

Take a look at your website – think of it as a first time customer, then ask yourself a few questions:

Does the website make sense? If someone came to your website after searching particular words, like “Hair Salon” have you made it clear that you offer this service? You may offer more than hair services, but you need to make sure people know what you have to offer them, their attention span will be under 7 seconds, so you need to pull them in straight away!

Does the website look good?

Your hair salon’s website needs to look enticing. Take a look at your competition – what stands out from their websites that you could replicate on your own, while still sharing your own brand personality and message? Using a great web designer will help you to achieve this, so don’t feel worried, ask your designer to take a look and share their thoughts on the design side.
Can customers easily book? People want ease of use. They have probably landed on your website because they are looking for local hair dressers to get their hair done. This means they’ll want easy access to a telephone number or online booking system so they can book straight away. There are plenty of ways to add this functionality to your website, but you need to make sure it syncs with your in-salon calendar, so there’s no double-booking!
Are there any examples of before and afters? People like to know they are in safe hands when booking such an important date in their diary. A great hair cut can change how someone feels, so you’ll want to show on your website that you take care of your customers, and that they don’t need to be any less than excited to be coming to your salon! Take professional shots, and if you get the chance, join sites like Instagram, so your in-house hair dressers can take pictures of clients, and add to your reputation!
These are just 4 questions to ask yourself, to help you see if your website for your hair salon can do better to stand out from the crowd, while still attracting clients to your salon.

After this part of the process, you then can look into how to bring them back to you, as a returning customer. Take a look at places like Headmasters, who have the VIP club, which offers a free membership card, with special discounts, and a regular email, which shares special offers via email. These are great ways to remind customers that you are there, and what a great experience they had with you, so as to book their next appointment with you!

Even adding the ability to take an email address and tick a “subscribe for offers” box, will help you to start to build a rapport with people who visit your website, and bring them through the door.

I hope these tips have helped you with a few ideas for how to get your website turning visitors into customers, do let me know if you have any questions or ideas in the comments below, I’m more than happy to help!


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