How An Insurance Company Upped Their Game With A New Mobile Responsive Website

We were recently able to help a long-term insurance company boost website visitors, and clients with a website updated that really changed the game for them.

We were contacted by Bespoke Insurance Ltd, whose website was not mobile responsive and was very outdated in terms of design. With customers nowadays using mobile devices more often (48% of mobile visitors who visited a non-mobile-friendly site felt that the company didn’t care about their business, according to a 2017 Google study), we knew this was essential to helping the business get more customers.

Upon looking at their website statistics, we found that 27% of their website visitors were on mobile devices, that meant these customers were potentially seeing a website that didn’t work, and putting them off using the company – something had to change!

Bibble Studio worked hard with Bespoke Insurance Ltd, to work on a new design for their desktop and mobile versions of their website, ensuring they were responsive and found on Google. We also ensured that they were now able to start taking payments through their website, a new feature added on to help people easily pay their invoices online, saving their admin team a lot of time and energy.

We were delighted to be able to help the company with their new website, helping them increase customers staying on the site, and helping their growing mobile users to be able to see a site that works for them too.

If your website isn’t working on mobile devices, or you are noticing a high bounce rate and are unsure why that may be, give us a call today, to arrange a free Website Review.

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