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✅ Problem:

The marketing manager was overwhelmed with work and needed some additional support. Initially, it was just help with posting on social media and regular email marketing to keep email database engaged.

During our discussion, she revealed they were using Groupon to drive sales for their monthly events. I believed that they could get a better result by using Facebook ads, where they would benefit from increased brand exposure and reduce the commission they paid to Groupon for every successful sale.

✅ Solution:

I created some simple ads to promote their monthly events.
They were getting leads for between £3-6 depending on the event and selling out for each event, whilst increasing their profits.

I also helped save the marketing manager hours of time by taking on the menial tasks that were preventing her from focusing on the tasks that mattered most.

✅ Result:

50 new staycation leads generated every month 

3 sold out murder mystery events (which also increased room bookings and restaurant bookings)

Fully booked wedding fair event (which led to an increase in weddings being booked at the hotel, and increased restaurant bookings on the day.) 

Fully booked monthly afternoon tea events 

We ended the 7 months of working together with me training her and the new marketing hire with what I had been doing and how to create and manage the ads going forward to generate more sales in the future.

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