Gym Social Media – how to turn fans into members

As a gym, you have probably found that social media is becoming more and more important to not only engage with your current members, but to convert fans into members. But how can you do this without feeling over-pushy, or turning-off your members from your social media profiles?

We are here to help you get some insider tips to help you promote your gym to new potential members, as well as some ideas to ensure your current members want to stick with you, engage with your brand, and even recommend their friends to you.

  1. Give your social media fans special offers

When you make it even better to be a fan of yours, then your fans will want to keep engaging with your content. Perhaps try special offers only available to your Facebook fans, or you could do an Instagram exclusive competition. Helping your fans to know they are special to you, will help to make sure they stay following, engaging and ultimately stick with you as a gym.

  1. Remember the 80/20 rule

Across marketing, the knowledge of the 80/20 rule is paramount – what does it mean? It means that 80% of your content on any platform should be engaging, community-focused or help to boost the motivation of your fans, while the other 20% can be sales-focused. You may want to alternate your days on Facebook, to include motivational quotes, recipes to try, workouts to test and then add in your personal training offering. This gives your social media a great reason for new fans to like and follow you.

  1. Get automated

It can be a very busy place in social media, so saving you time is a great way to ensure your social media looks great to your fans. No-one expects you to be on Twitter at 9pm, but your potential members, and current customers, may just be there themselves. So using automation systems, like social media dashboards, which help you pre-schedule your content, can go a long way to boosting your engagement on social media.

  1. Offer freebies

What services can you use to entice potential members to your gym? Do you offer a free induction, perhaps you have a free PDF download which shares 90 ways to use a gym to lose weight? Giving away free stuff, in return for a person’s email address, is a great way in to potentially converting them from a follower, to a member. You’ll have received their email address in exchange for the freebie, and then they’ll get regular reminders about your gym to their inbox!

  1. Offer support

When your fans come to you, whether they are a member already, or not, you should give them relevant support and advice. This is a great way to boost relationships, and increase the likelihood that fans will stick with you, and potentially join your gym, as they will feel indebted to you.

We hope these tips help you on your way to using social media for your gym, and if you do have any other questions, do get in touch or comment below!

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