Why should I get a personal trainer website for myself?

So you decided to go for it and start your own personal training business, awesome! Now what do you do to start getting customers?

A website, as for most businesses, is a great place to start sharing what you do, who you work with, and the results your potential customers can expect to see. It’s also even more than just a portfolio, it’s a space for potential customers to search and find out more about you and your business. More and more people are going to Google to search for businesses and services they are in need of, so without a website presence, you could be totally missing out on those potential clients.

You then need to have a think about how important the website design is to a potential customer. I have taken a look at the way to help you market your business more in this blog, and this week, I wanted to share the importance of website design in all its glory, for your fitness business.

In an industry where it’s all about the look, your website needs to be able to convey your brand message, voice and focus. This may mean that if you are focused on helping women get strong and toned, your website needs to be feminine in its colour scheme, but also have the right imagery to entice those visitors to know that when they train with you, they’ll lose that muffin top for good.

As a web designer myself, I go through questions like brand message, voice and potential clients with my customers to make sure the design of the website signs true to their goals. Colour, layout and even imagery can play a massive role in making sure you have the right visitors to your website, and also, the right returning ones who want to call / book your training sessions or classes. As a personal trainer, it is paramount that you make the most of this time learning about your goals and aspirations, as well as your customer profile (in marketing terms this is called a “buyer persona”), so that your website attracts the right people to you.

A website is also more than just looks on the outside, it needs to have the right words in the content, as well as the right SEO friendly content in the tags, metadata and titles (don’t worry if you don’t get those words, it’s basically the things Google searches for to make sure when someone searches for specific terms, your website comes up). Having the correct wording in your website and behind the scenes will make sure that when a perfect customer searches for your service, they will find you and get in touch with you, via your website. This can be tough, especially when you are starting out, but with the right support, we can get you there!

So, in summary, a website is really important for your business as a personal trainer. It will help you attract new visitors who will ultimately  turn into customers, when the website and content is done right.

If you’d like to kick start your personal trainer business, and need a hand making sure your website is doing its best to get you those perfect clients, I’d love to give you a helping hand, get in touch to see if we are a match.

Ps if you want to promote your business to more customers, I have a free report sharing 27 promotional tools to help you build your health & beauty business, which you can download here.


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