How to Get a logo designed for the first time

When it comes to getting your logo designed for a first time business many questions can fill your mind.

‘Where do I start?’, and ‘What should I pay?’ are all too common.

First impressions still count, therefore making sure you have a well-designed, professional logo ensures your clients to remember your brand for the right reasons. This is probably the most important thing to worry about when starting a business, a small mistake at this point could cost you a lot later on.

Here are some pointers to watch for when getting a logo designed for the first time.

1. What is the name of your company?

This does sound obvious, but you should avoid wasting money by ensuring the name you choose is going to be the name that sticks. Another factor is choosing a brand name which isn’t too long so your logo has room for visual creativity.

2. What style do you want your business to portray?

What is your business’s personality? How do you want to look to the outside world? All these things are important so you can convey the right message for your brand. Will you want just a font based logo or a logo with a symbol? Having a symbol will be able to convey what you do if the name doesn’t.

3. What is the message behind your logo?

Think about one sentence which sums up your business or the unique selling point of the business. If the designer can successfully incorporate that into your logo then you have a brand mission you can stick to which will remind your customers why they chose you.

4. How much should you spend on a logo?

There is a huge price range on the market for logo designs. You can easily pick a logo up for £20 or £2000, whilst it’s not expected to spend £2000 for a decent logo it’s important to research whichever company you use and see how their past logo designs looked to determine whether they could create a good logo for your business. Different companies have different design styles too, so when looking at past logo designs consider which style you like the look of.

Start ups on a tight budget shouldn’t settle for the cheapest option available, this will cost you your reputation more later on and a bad logo could put off prospecting customers due to the nature of first impressions. If you want help with your first logo, or a look at your existing branding and what it says about your company then get in touch.

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