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Great blog content ideas based on keyword research, that your customers are searching for right now, that will bring you the right traffic and convert to new patients


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Time-Saver Warning: You should NOT bother staying here if you are already fully booked with no capacity to fill and no plans for future growth.

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Let’s compare the health of your website, your traffic, and rankings to your competitors website!

Success leaves clues…
So why try to reinvent the wheel? In the wise words of Piscasso:
“Good artists borrow, great artists steal”
Let’s see what’s working for them, so you can apply it to your own website.

Book a 7 -Minute, 33 second Website Audit to design a killer website Plan

On this fast-paced call, we’ll:

1. Take a look at your current website to see

what is and isn’t working.

2. Identify what’s possible for you and your

business in the next 90 days and beyond.

3. Uncover the #1 bottleneck restricting your

revenue and holding you back from doubling.

4. Develop a 3-Step Action Plan that will get

you results in your business as fast as possible.

What will you get?

Easier to just show you. Here’s a preview of one I did before (note that this is just one slice of the analysis, the real gold is given on the call).


Step 1:
Upon acceptance of project, we schedule a call so I can gather the information I would need to create a killer strategy that aligns with your goals.

Step 2:
Reverse engineer your success: Perform in depth market research to better understand your business, your industry and your competitors.

Step 3:
Perform in depth keyword research, and a content plan, this ensures that your audience is going to find you and that you are providing them with value through the use of engaging content whilst positioning yourself as the authority.

Step 4:
Fix any outstanding website health issues that will prevent the growth of your business.

Step 5:
Execute the onsite content strategy so people can start finding your website

Step 6:
Execute offsite link building and guest posting strategy so people can find your business through other websites, whilst positioning you as an authority and gaining backlinks. This tells Google that you're a trusted brand and pushes you higher up in the search results.


Ah, so you’re one of those people eh. You want to know more about me (Carina) and Bibble studio.

I get it, it’s overwhelmingly scary trying out a new marketing company, especially when so many fall short on their promises. And not to mention those SEO farms based in India, honestly, the quality of their work makes me wince in despair.
I think, in fact, I KNOW, I could drive more quality traffic to your website and you get more qualified leads.

12 years ago, as a broke university student, in my pursuit to achieve financial freedom and getting companies to give me free shit, I decided to start my first blog.
I wrote a load of, to be honest, crap, blogs. Later, I found out that you could actually see the number of people who visit your website using Google Analytics and was completely dumbfounded when I looked at the results and saw that nobody had visited my website.

This led me down the road of countless hours of googling, taking various digital marketing courses, and trying different techniques until I found something that stuck and had a process.

3 years after I started that blog, I worked with my first paying customer which was a beauty salon. Within 6 months, the salon was ranking top of the search engines in multiple locations and they were consistently fully booked, they had put the prices up and from there my journey continued to working with over 100 small businesses helping them get more customers online. 

A few humble brags...

Regional Childrens Holiday Club

Bibble Studio worked with a regional children's holiday club that was initially appearing low down on the first page in the search results or on the 2nd page.

We helped them achieve top rankings, outrank their competitors which resulted in them be able to open 15 more clubs in 18 months.

Flooring Shop Company

Bibble Studio worked with a flooring company that was on the 7th page of the search results and could only be found by their brand name. We helped them to appear at the first page at the top of the search results for all their services they offered in multiple locations which led to them opening a 2nd shop in another location 16 months later.

Regional Gym Chain

Bibble Studio worked with a gym that was nearly impossible to find on Google.

We helped them triple their traffic over 12 months, achieve top rankings for each of their local gyms, outrank their competitors which resulted to an increase in gym trial applications and naturally more members.

National B2B medical supplier

Bibble Studio worked with a national B2B Medical equipment supplier to help them get more organic traffic and outrank their competitors. Within 12 months we saw a 100% increase in organic traffic, a 120% increase in organic keywords ranked, a 87.88% reduction in page bounces (which means that people were staying on the website rather than clicking off which has the knock on effect of notifying Google that their website is high quality, thus prioritising it in the search results, moving the website higher). This naturally led to more enquiry form submissions and more phone calls being taken and more sales

Still not convinced? Crikey, you're quite cynic eh...

Who is this not for:

Businesses who only have a £200pm budget – I highly recommend those Indian SEO farms for that budget
Businesses that are at full capacity or nearly maxed up and have no plans to put the infrastructure in for future growth
Businesses who already are working with a marketing company and wont have their arm twisted to change
Businesses who think they are doing just fine on their own
Businesses who are looking for a guarantee for ranking 1 on Google. I can’t guarantee you top positions. Nobody can. And anybody who does is lying and is a snake oil salesman.
Businesses who are looking for a guarantee for their success: I don’t have control over your sales process or sales team. What I guarantee is more traffic and ranking higher for more of the right search terms

So now, the big question … How much does it cost?

It’s not cheap. It’s actually quite expensive. But if you want cheap, just go onto sites like fiverr and Upwork which boast a lot of people from 3rd world countries who will do it for peanuts. Just don’t expect diamonds. 

The final cost is determined after seeing what needs to be done and budgets etc

Sounds tantalising eh! Book a call now