How A Business Coach Increased The Amount Of Sales Appointments He Got By Using LinkedIn

How A Business Coach Increased The Amount Of Sales Appointments He Got By Using LinkedIn

An ambitious business coach was eager to gain more corporate clients. He had worked with several before and relied on them recommending him to their corporate contacts. Because he had such a good success rate with increasing their turnover, he just needed some help getting in front of more of the right people online and making sure they knew who he was.

We decided LinkedIn would be the best social media channel to focus on and we worked on connecting with the job titles of his ideal client.

The business coach currently posted his own content onto social media, however there was no consistency and no strategy. He heavily relied on word of mouth marketing and attending networking events. This can be slow and he appeared to be attracting clientele which didn’t want to pay the fees he required. He understood that social media could really help him to boost his business, he just wasn’t sure what the best strategy would be for him.

The Solution: Bibble Studio analysed his target audience, rewrote and optimised his LinkedIn profile so that it would get found more easily. We automated his LinkedIn profile so that it would view 1000’s of corporate business owners, directors and HR consultants on autopilot every day. This meant that his profile views increased and he had people contacting him. All of his target audience were looking at his profile daily.

We set his profile to connect with 100’s of his target audience a month. We then ensured all the content that was being posted would add value to the audience and position him as a go to expert and thought leader. This really helped build trust and he began seeing his audience approaching him rather than him having to chase them.

Over time he started seeing getting a steady stream of targeted sales appointments coming in on autopilot.

If you’d like to find out more about our Automated Marketing Service, or have a chat about using social media to gain relevant leads for your business, the please do get in touch, we’d be happy to organise a quick chat to see if we can help.

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