Boosting local website hits to your massage website

As a massage therapy business, you will be hoping to have local customers finding your website, so they can easily book their all-important massage sessions with you, but what are the strategies you can implement to help you get more local visits?

It can be tough getting started with your own SEO and website, so in this blog, we wanted to share some easy to implement tips and tricks that will help you increase your local customers for your massage therapy business.

Do some research

Here at Bibble, we love using the Google Keyword Planner tool. It quickly and helpfully shares keyword ideas in relation to your business type, location and industry. It also then shows you what it calls “competition” if it is high, medium or low – this means the amount of other websites using these keywords, ultimately making it harder for your website to get to the top when that word is used in your own website.

It also shares the amount of searches per month made in Google, helping you to see how many potential people that could find your website, if you include the keyword in your website.

To help you get noticed for those keywords, we highly suggest writing blogs that include them, as well as adding them to your metatags, page wording and headers, if you can.

Make sure to mention your location

Silly though it may sound, many local businesses forget to share their location within their website. Using the location words in several pages will help to ensure when people are searching “nearby”, your website will come up near the top.

Create a Google business page

Google always shows up local businesses that have already created a location-business within their Google+ platform. If you’ve not already created your own Google+ location page, we highly recommend you get going right now. Here are tips from Google to help get you going.

There are plenty of other strategies for your massage business to get more visits from local search users, but these are the three we highly recommend to get you started. If you have any questions, or would like some more in-depth support, please do email Carina, and she’d be happy to help.

We’ve also created a handy free report, sharing 27 promotional tips for your health & beauty business, to help you get your business found locally. Click here to get yours now.

How to get more customers

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