Automating the Sales Process & Creating Bespoke Web App Solution For Leading UK Fitness Franchise


When I first met with the Franchise, they wanted to get more out of their marketing. Specifically, explore other methods, and improve their conversion rates from what they were currently doing so they could scale faster for less.

They were already good with Facebook Ads and Google Ads but the main problem was the fact they couldn’t properly track the success of everything they were doing with their marketing efforts because they were running from four different softwares to convert a lead to a customer who pays for their initial offer, to a becoming a full paying monthly member.

This was a huge bottleneck for scaling fast because they were doing a lot of manual work to get payments for their membership solution and convert the leads to customers that could have easily been automated with current technology.

This meant that they couldn’t properly track the success of their marketing. They also weren’t sure exactly where they were losing the leads that had converted to offers, whether they had ever tried the bootcamp or not yet and there was a lot of wasted time manually chasing people up to move them to the next part of the sales process. 


✅ End goal for client:

Increase their monthly memberships and locations where they operate, streamlined their sales process. Have their franchise in most of the towns of the UK.

When I first met them they were already operating in 7 locations with an end goal of covering the whole of the UK. When we parted ways they were operating in 19 locations. 


✅ Now Franchise has:

Bespoke automated sales system that tracks everything from the moment they become a lead to taking them up on the paid offer to how many boot camps they attended to becoming a full member all within a single platform. 

The system sends out automated emails and SMS at different points of the sales process depending where they are at with the goal to get them to the next step without the franchisees having to manually text and call people to get them to become a full paid member.

✅ Automated chatbot that answers FAQs

Due to the fact thousands of people go through the system everyday, hours of admin time were wasted replying to the same questions repeatedly. Therefore we created answers to common user problems that were suggested everytime someone submitted their question.

✅ Optimised cross-channel marketing (email, web, push, social, SMS, etc.) that’s in sync.


✅ The result for the Franchise:

The initial offer paid traffic conversions increased by 150%, meaning they were getting their initial leads cheaper. 

They had a considerably higher turn-up rate for the boot camps. 

Hundreds of saved admin time and stress for the franchisee bootcamp owners because client can onboard themselves which made the franchise look like a more attractive option to new franchisees.

This enabled the owner to increase the franchise overall initial cost to become a franchisee and the monthly franchisee commissions on memberships. 

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