Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Strategy  & Creating Bespoke Web Backend Solution For UK Supplement Brand

Supplement company that specialises in the anti ageing and joint health niche wanted to increase their sales without spending more money on advertising.

They wanted to adopt an influencer/affiliate marketing solution for their company to drive more sales. 

✅ Solution:

They needed to create and implement a web solution for affiliates to log into and get promotional materials and a unique URL that was trackable back to them. 
Next they needed to start recruiting new affiliates.

✅ Web Solution:

The solution allowed new affiliates to sign up to the program themselves (but required admin approval).  

Affiliates were able to access educational resources, marketing material and brand guidelines.
Admin could create unique discount codes for different affiliates to use in order to incentivise their audiences to purchase through their link
The solution made it easy to pay the affiliates commissions at the end of every month.

✅ New Affiliate Attraction Solution:

Create a strict ideal affiliate criteria for their brand

Creating a list of ideal affiliates and then reaching out to them
Onboarding affiliates
Supporting and motivating the ones who weren’t actively promoting the product using their link
Outsourcing this a virtual assistant to carry this task on


✅ Now The Supplement Company has:

Reliable new source of sales.
Full working backend system for new affiliates

Top performing affiliates sent 20-25 new sales consistently every month

Hired a cheaper overseas employee to continue recruiting new affiliates and onboard them to reduce costs. 
Hours of saved admin time for the owner.

free training: get 20,50, or even 100+ new mortgage applications every month

…without relying on referrals, buying leads from third-party websites or paid ads. .

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