6 Easy Ways To Attract New Patients To Your Dentistry Practice

In today’s competitive world, getting new patients can be hard and you may begin to feel discouraged. In order to attract new patients, you have to offer products and services that are competitive but also are of high quality value. Effective marketing is very important and deciding early on what kind of client you want to attract to your practise and then focussing your marketing efforts around attracting them will ensure future success and being able to charge what you desire, not be the ‘cheapest’ dentist in town.

In order to create a marketing strategy which works you need to think of the following things:

Know your target market

Before doing any marketing strategies, know who your target audience is. Understanding your target patients helps you determine what services and products you will be providing them with and how to best target them. 

Focus on your strategies

Track your marketing strategies and plans and see which works best. Focus on the ones you think can benefit both  you and your patients. Educate your patients about what you can offer to them. Your goal is to provide quality service and care to your patients that they will be satisfied. Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing. Your patients can help you market your practice better. However if you don’t have any patients as of yet then focus on getting your practise found and seen by your target audience.

Get out and go networking

Go to local business networking events. This is based on word of mouth referring, luckily for you everyone has teeth therefore you’re likely to pick up new patients at the events. When they experience your service they will start to recommend their friends. Be visible, real and friendly! Remember that you need to put in the time and commitment to get something back.

Be Number 1!

Be online and be number 1! 83% of people now use Google as their first point of search when looking for a service. get some local SEO and a decent website.  Local SEO can give any website the boost it needs in order to be found through local Google search.

 Be Competitive

You have to know your competition. You have to stand out from the crowd. Make sure that not only is your practise different from your competitors but so is the design of your website and what you say on your website. It doesn’t cost a lot to be different but can cost a lot more being the same when people can’t see how you’re different from the dentist which is cheaper down the road.

Get Reviews

Get as many reviews as you can online. Ask your patients to leave you a testimonial on your Google Business Page and your Facebook Business Page. In today’s world, social media is a big part of our daily lives. Patients now check websites, social media accounts and look for good reviews and whether or not the company is interacting with their customers online. People trust what other patients say more than what the business says. Encourage your patients to provide reviews. Reviews builds trust, thus it adds value to your business.

Stay focussed on your goals and give the best service. Treat your patients with real care and love and you will be guaranteed to attract more patients in your years to come.

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