5 Ways to Build Meaningful Relationships Through Social Media

Social media is all about human connection. In social media, it is not the numbers but the relationship between you and your followers that counts. In your business, social media can showcase your value and worth. It is best to build meaningful relationships than simply getting a lot of likes and followers.

Here are 5 ways to build meaningful relationships through social media:

Be real. Be humble. Participate in conversations in a genuine way. In order for your business to be successful, you don’t have to be “know-it-all”. Even if your customers consider you as an expert, there is always more to learn.

Be transparent. Don’t filter your post or any information to your other followers, unless, those are spam and inappropriate comments. Be honest, in that way, they will see that they can trust you.

Be responsive. If a customer ask a question, don’t pass it to another person. Engage to your customer immediately. Make sure the your business has someone who knows the tools and knowledge and be able to respond quickly to your customer.

Know your real followers. Having a lot of followers is great, but how many are the real ones? It is important that you engage to those followers who is really into your business. Reach out, find your niche, participate in conversations and keep it going.

Develop your niche. You don’t need to convince everyone about your business brand. Make those real followers be the one to convince others for you. But of course, make sure your worth it. Make your customers happy. Offer great customer service, build relationships and reach out to others. Never take your customers for granted. Be passionate with what you do.

Building relationships is simply listening. Take the opportunity to show everyone the authentic passion with what you do.


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