4 Creative ways to increase referrals for your business that actually work

4 Creative ways to increase referrals for your business that actually work

It comes as no surprise that most people trust a personal recommendation over adverts or special offers. Customers will be more likely to visit your business for the first time if they receive a glowing report from a friend or family member. Moreover, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business when they join by recommendation.

Using these key tips, you will quickly be able to increase the rate of your word-of-mouth referrals:

1. Always prioritise quality Create a Lasting Impression on your Customers

If you can make your customer feel incredible with your products and services, they will be sure to recommend you to others without you having to try too hard.

By consistently providing a high level of service, you will also gain the trust of your clients. This is crucial, as they will only recommend you if they trust that you will provide their friends with a great service too.

2. Hand out Referral Cards (in person or virtually)

These little reminders are the perfect way to keep you at the forefront of your customers’ minds so that they remember to pass it on to their friends.

If you don’t see your customers face to face that often then send them a postcode or email referral card as a way to remind them.

What I have found works well for me is simply having regular conversations on the phone or in-person whenever I can. Naturally, there will be cases when you need to keep in regular contact which makes it an easier process.

However, if there is anything the Covid-19 lockdown has taught me is that simply picking up the phone, checking the person is ok and asking them if there is anything they need help with.

These days it’s a rarity to receive a random phone call from someone you haven’t spoken to in ages. It also gives you a chance to catch up a bit and find out what they have been up to workwise and update them on what you have been up to workwise which can help you figure out how you could refer them as well.

I will never forget when my hairdresser randomly called me at Christmas to wish me a Happy Christmas a couple of years ago. We had a good catch up and it reminded me that I needed to get that appointment in. It also left a good feeling within me because it doesn’t happen often.

With every phone call, you make, BE REAL. Come at it with a genuine desire to help them in whatever way you can. If you can’t help them this time, you might be able to help them next time and vice versa.

3. Provide Incentives to Spread the Word

You can offer irresistible rewards that would be of value or discounts to your clients in exchange for friend and family referrals.

Great examples I have seen that avoid the standard referral fee or discount are:

Fitbit’s offered by gyms
Free premium training courses
Donations to charities
Vouchers for experiences

4. Digital Promotion & Social Media

Spread the word about your referral system on your website, by email, and on your social media platforms. Do this regularly and you are sure to remain at the forefront of your customer’s minds when considering recommending you.

Keep track of the number of clients that join as a result of a recommendation and always thank the person who recommended you.

There are lots of software you can use to track this and automate the process. Ones I have personally used are Upviral, AffiliateWP, and various CRMs catered at certain industries.

Be sure to always prioritise the quality of work and customer service. So that they will always be inspired to spread the word!

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