Helping businesses get more out of their website and online marketing endeavours.

Let’s resurrect your website from the Google graveyard and make some fat stacks from your website

Time-Saver Warning: If your business is nearly at full capacity with no plans for future growth, then it's probably best to say adios amigo.

If you’re itching to crush your competitors’ dreams and shrewdly sit on Google’s search engine top spots, or maybe you’ve already staked your claim but suspect your website is hiding untapped potential, and you’re feeling a bit clueless about how to unleash its full potential…

I can probably help. I’d love to sling some ideas your way that you’re free to steal 😉 

So, what is it you actually do?

I can help with:
Creating content that gets ranked on Google and attracts new customers
Email Marketing
Techie website stuff (coding background)*

*but if that doesn’t float your boat, I also offer bedroom tidying (it’s surprisingly very lucrative).



Your Website Messaging: This focuses on assessing the effectiveness and clarity of your website’s messaging. It involves analysing your content and overall communication to ensure that visitors quickly understand what you do, why it matters to them, and how your products or services can benefit them.

When it comes to lackluster website conversions, poor messaging takes the top spot as the ultimate “conversion killer.”

Onsite Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Health: Let me evaluate your website’s on-page elements to improve its visibility in search engine results. It includes analysing factors such as keyword usage, meta tags, URL structure, header tags, and internal linking to ensure they are optimised for relevant search queries.

When it comes to playing hide-and-seek on the internet, it’s usually because your onsite optimisation is slacking off on the job. This health check will help you whip it into shape so you can be found more easily.

Competitor Analysis: This sneaky little process involves uncovering your competitors’ strategies, strengths, and weaknesses and arms you with an edge to level up your website and outrank them.

This will help you unearth untapped opportunities, define your uniqueness that sets you apart and fine-tune your strategy like a pro so you can outrank them and attract their customers.

Success leaves clues…
So why try to reinvent the wheel? In the wise words of Piscasso:
“Good artists borrow, great artists steal”
Let’s see what’s working for them, so you can apply it to your own website.

GET MORE OUT OF YOUR WEBSITE! From Being Lost in the Crowd to Dominating Your Market with 4 Simple Steps!

Step 1: Customer Research
Yes. Good ol’ customer research. There are a lot of people you can help and there are a lot of different ways you can help them, as a business owner you probably love to tell them all about your different services and how they could help them. However, understanding what your ideal customers inner most wants and desires are and whats stopped them from getting it already, what they’ve already tried before is crucial. You need to identify their core tribal language, more importantly the specific words they use to describe their problems and using that as a way to offer your solution so they feel understood and heard.

Step 2: Market Research
Reverse engineer your success: Perform in depth market research to better understand your business, your industry and your competitors.

Step 3: Strategise
Perform in depth keyword research, and a content plan, this aligns with your customer research. Therefore your audience have the best chance at finding your website organically and you are speaking to them in the right way with messaging that hits the spot and provides value, positioning yourself as the best option.

Step 5: Data Collection
Create free cheatsheets/guides for your audience that solves their immediate pain points and uses them as a way to build a relationship with them quickly, introduce your company and how you can help them. Continue to build a relationship with them long after they visited your website via email marketing. Not everyone will say "yes" first time, apparently, according another sales blog, 60 percent of buyers say “no” four times before they say “yes”.


Ah, so you’re one of those people eh. You want to know more about me (Carina) and Bibble studio.

I get it, it’s overwhelmingly scary trying out a new marketing company, especially when so many fall short on their promises. And not to mention those SEO farms based in India, honestly, the quality of their work makes me wince in despair.
I think, in fact, I KNOW, I could drive more quality traffic to your website and you get more qualified leads.

12 years ago, as a broke university student, in my pursuit to achieve financial freedom and getting companies to give me free shit, I decided to start my first blog.
I wrote a load of, to be honest, crap, blogs. Later, I found out that you could actually see the number of people who visit your website using Google Analytics and was completely dumbfounded when I looked at the results and saw that nobody had visited my website.

This led me down the road of countless hours of googling, taking various digital marketing courses, and trying different techniques until I found something that stuck and had a process.

3 years after I started that blog, I worked with my first paying customer which was a beauty salon. Within 6 months, the salon was ranking top of the search engines in multiple locations and they were consistently fully booked, they had put the prices up and from there my journey continued to working with over 100 small businesses helping them get more customers online. 

A few humble brags...

Regional Childrens Holiday Club

Bibble Studio worked with a regional children's holiday club that was initially appearing low down on the first page in the search results or on the 2nd page.

In 1 year they saw a 18.2x increase in unique users visiting their website, indicating a larger number of people discovering their website.

We helped them achieve top rankings, outrank their competitors which resulted in them be able to open 15 more clubs in 18 months.

Flooring Shop Company

Bibble Studio worked with a flooring company that was on the 7th page of the search results and could only be found by their brand name. We helped them to appear at the first page at the top of the search results for all their services they offered in multiple locations which led to them opening a 2nd shop in another location 16 months later.

Regional Gym Chain

Bibble Studio worked with a gym that was nearly impossible to find on Google.

We helped them triple their traffic over 12 months, achieve top rankings for each of their local gyms, outrank their competitors which resulted to an increase in gym trial applications and naturally more members.

National B2B medical supplier

Bibble Studio worked with a national B2B Medical equipment supplier to help them get more organic traffic and outrank their competitors.

Over a 12 month period they - Witnessed a remarkable surge of 375% in Page views.

- Unique users from Google increased by 44.5%, indicating a larger number of people discovering their website.

- The bounce rate was reduced by an impressive 98.77%, demonstrating that visitors were staying on the website for a longer duration.

This naturally led to more enquiry form submissions and more phone calls being taken and more sales

Still not convinced? Crikey, you're quite cynic eh...

Who is this not for:

Businesses who only have a £200pm budget – I highly recommend those Indian SEO farms for that budget
Businesses that are at full capacity or nearly maxed up and have no plans to put the infrastructure in for future growth
Businesses who already are working with a marketing company and wont have their arm twisted to change
Businesses who think they are doing just fine on their own
Businesses who are looking for a guarantee for ranking 1 on Google. I can’t guarantee you top positions. Nobody can. And anybody who does is lying and is a snake oil salesman.
Businesses who are looking for a guarantee for their success: I don’t have control over your sales process or sales team. What I guarantee is more traffic and ranking higher for more of the right search terms

So now, the big question … How much does it cost?

It’s not cheap. It’s actually quite expensive. But if you want cheap, just go onto sites like fiverr and Upwork which boast a lot of people from 3rd world countries who will do it for peanuts. Just don’t expect diamonds. 

The final cost is determined after seeing what needs to be done and budgets etc

Sounds tantalising eh! Book a call now