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✅ Automating and streamlining your workflows to achieve optimum lead management whilst delivering excellent customer service

✅ Attract more high quality leads

✅ Increase your conversion rate

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You might know that you could be doing more with your marketing but you’re not sure where to start or what to focus on.

Maybe you need some adhoc support during a busy (or quiet) period or some guidance on what you could be doing.

Maybe you want someone to train you on something or you would prefer them to implement it for you.

Alternatively, you’re looking to hire someone full-time but you need help with creating company frameworks, briefs and/or guidelines for them to follow.


Facing temporary staff/skills shortages?

Maybe you have too much on right now, or you haven’t managed to find the right candidate yet to join your team and you’re looking for someone to support you in the short term.

Alternatively, maybe you have a specific problem that you need to solve and need an extra pair of eyes with a different perspective or skillset to what you have.

Let’s chat and see whether i’d be a good fit!


Whatever the problem is I can help you probably help you with my diverse skill set.

I’m very creative but I also have a technical background therefore I have the ability to transform a big idea into a tangible, real-world manifestation.

So whether that’s helping you to get more out of your current marketing by looking at ways to increase your conversions or digitalising and automating your sales journey by putting in systems designed to save you hours of unnecessary admin time.

Alternatively, maybe you have a specific problem that you need to solve and need an extra pair of eyes with a different perspective or skillset to what you have.

I can work in multiple ways to support your business goals:

✅ Work on one-off projects if you need to solve a specific problem fast.
✅ Dedicate a certain amount of hours or days to you each month if you need ongoing support.


✅ Consulting 

✅ Training

✅ Strategy 

✅ Framework Creation

✅ Implementation



Automate & streamline Your Marketing Efforts

✅ Sales funnels

✅ CRM set up, segmentation, workflows, automation

✅ Bespoke system solutions


Lead generation & Conversions using seo, paid ads, Affiliate Marketing

✅ Full Marketing Strategy & Implementation

✅ Full SEO audit, strategy, and implementation

✅ Paid ads 

✅ Affiliate Marketing Strategy & Campaigns


All the things in between 

✅ Website management 
✅ Email Marketing

✅ Social Media posting

Problems I Can Help You Solve


attracting customers

Common attract problems I see:

✖️Targeting the wrong audiences with paid traffic

✖️Lack of differentiation

✖️Not doing enough to get the actual data

✖️Poorly written copy that’s not persuasive 



Common conversion problems I see:


✖️ Weak offer

✖️Lack of differentiation

✖️Being too technical with your terminology and not focusing on the customer’s desired outcome. 

✖️Not being clear why they should take action

Engaging customers

Common Engagement problems I see:


✖️ Not being seen enough

✖️ Not spending enough time building up a relationship with your database or nurturing customers through your content and only publishing sales content. 

✖️ Not building enough desire for your product or service.


I’ve worked in a wide range of industries, however some more than others. These are the ones I’ve got more experience and understanding in.



✅ Business Loans

✅ Mortgages

✅ Accounting


Health & Beauty

✅ Fitness: Gyms, Bootcamps, Apps

✅ Supplements: E-commerce

✅ Aesthetics 

✅ Chiropractic
✅ Medical 



✅ Hotels


Automating the Sales Process & Creating Bespoke Web App Solution For Leading UK Fitness Franchise

Leading UK fitness franchise wanted to improve their conversion rates and automate more of their workflows so they could scale faster for less.

The end result was an automated trackable bespoke web solution that mimicked the current sales journey and took the lead all the way to a paying monthly member.


Website Rebuild, & SEO & For National Medical Supplies Business

Online national medical supplies brand needed a new website. Their old one was out of date and not mobile-responsive. Their website already ranked high on Google from previous SEO investment and they wanted to make sure it stayed that way.

The end result over a year, was that they outranked their competition for more search terms and saw their unique users from organic Google search increase by 44.5%, indicating a larger number of people discovering their website


Affiliate/Influencer Marketing Strategy & Bespoke Web Backend Solution For UK Supplement Brand

Supplement company that specialises in the anti ageing and joint health niche wanted to increase their sales without spending more money on advertising.

They wanted to adopt an influencer/affiliate marketing solution for their company to drive more sales.


Automating the Sales Process & Managing Facebook Ads For Leading US Business Loans Company

Loans company relied solely on referrals, buying leads from 3rd party websites and posting in Facebook groups

They wanted to have more control over their lead generation and utilise paid advertising. The end result was a New Customer Loan Acquisition System that was attracting 140 pre qualified small business loan leads every month within 3 months.


Facebook Ads, Social Media Posting, Email Marketing & For UK Boutique Hotel

The marketing manager was overwhelmed with work and needed some additional support. Initially, it was just help with posting on social media and regular email marketing to keep email database engaged.

During our discussion, she revealed they were using Groupon to drive sales for their monthly events. I believed that they could get a better result by using Facebook ads, where they would benefit from increased brand exposure and reduce the commission they paid to Groupon for every successful sale.


free training: get 20,50, or even 100+ new mortgage applications every month

…without relying on referrals, buying leads from third-party websites or paid ads. .

✅The Simple 5 step system that will attract new leads everyday whilst ignoring common strategies everyone else is using

✅ How to automate your lead generation and sales system

✅ How to significantly reduce the time spent chasing up old leads

✅ How one loan business we worked with generated 140 prequalified leads per month, every month within 3 months of working together

✅ How one franchise we worked with increased the locations they operate by 29 locations in 7 years, whilst using this system to guarantee a successful launch in every new location.

Who Am I?

Ah, so you’re one of those people eh. You want to know more about me (Carina) and my background.

As well as being creative, I’m also very technical and analytical.

I started my career journey as a website designer, therefore I have a strong understanding of design and code.

After starting many experimental websites and expecting an influx of organic traffic which never came, a natural progression from web design led to my expertise in search engine optimisation, including both link building and website performance optimisation.

As a result of my ongoing pursuit of relative prosperity and hustle for new web design clients, I began honing my skills in various paid advertising methods.

The notable one being Facebook and Instagram ads. I’m currently trying to master Youtube Ads and have some projects I’m exploring with this.

This led me to launching and managing paid advertising campaigns for my clients as well.

Complementing my knowledge of advertising, I’m good with creating persuasive copy and producing media creatives.

I despise wasting time.

As a result, I have acquired skills to automate and systemise as many of my workflows as possible which has translated to helping my clients save hours of admin time.

Think CRMs (GoHighlevel, ClickUP, Vtiger, Pipeline etc), web automation, Zapier etc.

Currently I’m dabbling with OpenAI and exploring the possibilities with this. 

Passion projects

I have always loved marketing and advertising and often spend my Sundays doing a new course or implementing a new skill set I’ve learnt. 

Some of my personal passion projects over the years have included:

  • Dropshipping e-commerce website in the crystal healing niche.
  • Growing a faceless YouTube channel in the astrology niche to 15k subscribers.
  • Starting various informational websites. Currently I’m working on one in the natural healing niche.
  • Affiliate marketing promotions: Creating ads and driving traffic to products on websites like Clickbank.
  • Currently, I’m learning and implementing skills for my latest YouTube advertising course.
  • OpenAI & ChatGPT: Currently, I’m exploring how to integrate this into different systems and workflows to make life more automated.


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